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ITV’s ‘The Next Great Magician’

1 November 2016 Uncategorized


If you’re snooping around this site and subsequently now reading this post, there is a very good chance that you’re a fan of all things magic. If that rings true, then you’re in for a real treat.

ITV1 have commissioned and produced a 6 part prime-time magic show that will air from 6th November in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a show that contains world-class magic acts from all over the planet and they are invited to perform their very best material. Each performance is in a bid to be crowned The Next Great Magician and gain the prestige of their very own TV special.

We were fortunate enough to have been invited to perform as one of the acts on the show. Clearly this was some sort of clerical error OR the casting agent wanted to give us some content for the lackluster blog on Irrespective, it was an honour to be asked and we genuinely thought by utilising our extensive experience, humour, passion, drive, deep rooted friendship and raw determination, that we wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell.

However, a fortunate loophole gave us a good excuse to submit a performance using ‘Houndini’, the very first performing magic dog. In a transparent attempt to win the hearts of the British nation we hoped that by placing the focus on a cute, adorable dog we could ‘slip in under the radar’ and sail through to our own TV special. Did the plan and the performance work as intended? All will be revealed at 7pm on Sunday 6th November.

Magicians Videobomb Sky News

29 August 2015 Uncategorized

We want to share with you the eye opening experience of having a video go viral on the Internet. For those of you that haven’t seen our brief guest appearance at the House of Parliament, behind a Sky News reporter, take a look at this:


This video was part of a longer mockumentary video we filmed called ‘Young & Strange take Las Vegas to Television’. The full length video can be viewed here:-

We uploaded the shorter ‘videobomb’ of the presenter with fairly low expectations but inevitably speculated about the success of a few thousand views and a handful of mentions on social media. How wrong we were.

It’s merely 39 hours after a video sharing website picked up the clip and the video has gone truly viral.

It’s at this point we’d love try to give you a ‘headline figure’ on views amassed across all the platforms. This would, in turn, make you think ‘wow, these guys are popular and I want them for my daughters 8th birthday party’. However, this just simply isn’t possible as the scale and spread of the video is impossible to measure. The video has been viewed all around the world and shared on almost every viral website in the UK. It appeared on TV in America, here in the UK and pretty much all of the national newspapers picked it up as a lead online story. These included Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sun, The Mail, The Mirror, The Radio Times, The Metro and (our personal favourite) Pink News, which was ‘keen to run an article with any links you have to LGBT community’.

Here a few a links to some of those articles:-

The Telegraph:

Magicians hijack Sky News report

The Sun:

Sky News report on NHS reform hijacked by hilarious Mgicians

The Mirror:

Watch hilarious pranksters perform magic

Radio Times:

Two magicians hijack Sky News bulletin win the internet

Huffington Post:

Young and Strange magicians Sky News

Time Magazine:

Magicians fool internet Sky News/

The Guardian:

Sky News magician videobomb fake broadcast Young and Strange


Meet the magicians who brought the lols to friday morning by hijacking a Sky News broadcast


Magicians Young and Strange might have won TV forever after hijacking this Sky News broadcast in amazing style


Magicians Young and Strange videobomb Sky News/

What amazed us the most is not necessarily the scale of it but the speed at which it spread. A million views amased in under 12 hours at one point.

Part of this success is due to the kindness and generosity of people on social media. We received tweets from some of the biggest names in magic including Derren Brown and Dynamo:-

Derren Brown Video Bomb

Dynamo Magician Video Bomb

Please do share our videos with your friends. We hope they make them laugh.

Young and Strange – The Magic Circle

6 October 2014 Uncategorized

TheMagicCircularYoungandStrangeWe have been proud members of The Magic Circle since 2008. When we were kids growing up performing magic together we dreamed that one day we would become members of the most prestigious magic organisation in the world. We could have never predicted that one day not only would we both be members but we would also (all in the space of 12 months) be promoted to the highest level of membership achievable through performance examination (known as AIMC, Associate of The Inner Magic Circle) we have also been asked to lecture to the other members on our own illusions, secrets and ideas, asked to host the public Christmas shows at the headquarters and also appear on the cover of the members magazine. Thanks to a lot of hard work, we have achieved all of the above in 2014.

If you would like to visit The Magic Circle (which is in Euston, London) then the Christmas shows really are the best time to do it. For £28 you get a tour of the spectacular building and fascinating magic museum, witness stunning close-up magic right under your noses from some of the best close-up magicians in the country and see a spectacular variety show in the theatre featuring international acts which this year is hosted by us. It runs on December 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and January 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Tickets can be purchased online, see the Live Dates page for ticket information.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

19 July 2014 Uncategorized

edfringe2014FrontThis will be our 4th year taking part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with a show called “Young and Strange: Delusionists”. We are fortunate enough to have the biggest venue on the Free Fringe with a stage large enough to accommodate some of our biggest and best illusions. This is a real benefit as it is incredibly rare to see stage illusions performed at the Festival. With just short of 27,000 performers this year, it’s hardly surprising that space is at a premium and larger shows are rare. For the second year running we can proudly say that we have the biggest magic show on the Fringe and we all know that the biggest always means the best!


The show will be performed from 2nd to the 23rd August 2014 with no days off! It’s the repetition and frequency of the show that allows us to continually improve the show, a great show is all about small details and a long run allows us to work on as many details as possible. This is our overwhelming motivation for taking our shows to the Scottish capital- stage time is so valuable and it’s almost impossible to develop a brilliant act without it.


The opportunity to perform shows everyday in a single venue is a rare one. It’s one of the many reasons why the Fringe is such a popular place for performers to flock to. The performers bring with them their best material because the audiences at the fringe are the smartest and most ruthless audiences in the world. As a non ticketed show (part of PBH’s Free Fringe), we have to be on our “A” game everyday. Audiences can simply get up and leave if they don’t like the show.


We are in a venue called The Jam House, on Queen Street with a capacity of about 350. Last year we were fortunate enough to fill the show everyday and we hope it will be even busier this year. The show starts at 6.30pm, after Phil Jupitus’s one man show.


If you can make it, it would be lovely to see you. Some of the ideas in the show are exclusive to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and can’t be seen in our other live shows. If you come, we’ll even be generous enough to give you a free ticket 😉

Champions of Magic – Young & Strange

8 January 2014 Uncategorized

COMOver the past couple of months we have been involved in an exciting project called Champions of Magic. This is a touring theatre show and we share the bill with 3 other magicians from the UK. The show is a true variety show of magic with close up sleight of hand, comedy performances and, our role within the show, grand stage illusion.

We have been fortunate enough to close the show with several larger illusions. The shows we have performed in have been pretty spectacular with pyrotechnics and very willing audiences. Being part of a line of up magicians is different from our other live shows where we perform alone. Some of the other acts are close friends and spending time with them is a great laugh.

The production team we have worked with are also great fun and it’s lovely being a part of such a huge and ambitious project. We have been booked again for a few shows this year which we are looking forward to. For further details for the Champions of Magic Show check out the Live Dates section of this website or the Champions of Magic website;



Young and Strange Appear on This Morning

20 June 2011 Uncategorized

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As part of the run up to our appearance on Penn and Teller ‘Fool Us’, we were invited to appear and perform on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

We performed one of our illusions, live, and had a quick chat with Eamon and Ruth about our upcoming appearance on ITV1’s prime time magic show; Penn and Teller ‘Fool Us’

You can watch the video above if you missed it, and of course, if you want to see how we got on on Penn and Teller, tune in to ITV1 – Saturday 25th June 8pm.

Of Course you can always book us to appear as your after dinner entertainment as well.

Young And Strange Entertain The Magic Circle

11 May 2011 Uncategorized

Young & Strange were delighted to accept an invitation to perform at the world famous Magic Circle, in London, on April 16th 2011. Although Rich & Sam are both members of The Magic Circle, this was the first time either of them had stepped onto the famous stage.

They performed a 15 minute set featuring their own version of a classic “Silk to Egg” routine, an impromptu sword box illusion and then ending with a unique metamorphosis illusion.

The theatre was packed with other magicians, members of the general public and also members of The Young Magicians Club, which is The Magic Circle’s youth initiative programme for magicians under the age of 18.

Young and Strange can be booked for After Dinner Entertainment and other Entertainment Services, just contact us

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